The SuperSTOL sports an all metal wing aerodynamically designed to enhance slow flight capabilities while also increasing cruise speed. Additionally the wing incorporates self-deploying leading edge slats and long span fowler flaps to further improve the aircraft's stall range. To complement the new wing we have installed a new landing gear system that takes full advantage of a hydraulic strut with a long distance of travel. The tail wheel also incorporates a hydraulic shock to lessen aggressive off airport landings. No other aircraft kit manufacturer offers a comparable airplane.

The wing slats, when combined with the large Fowler flaps, allow the aircraft to be flown at extremely high angles of attack permitting it to 'drop' into small or inclined clearings. This provides access to considerably more off-airport landing sites, making the SuperStol one of the most versatile backcountry machines out there. 

With the new wing configuration, the Highlander will cruise at 110 mph, land at 32 mph, and take off or land with as little as 150 feet of runway.

The new slatted wing has significantly enhanced the performance numbers and slow flight control said Troy Woodland, design engineer. This provides access to considerably more off-airport landing sites, making the SuperStol one of the most versatile backcountry machines out there.

SuperStol Kit Price List

Includes everything to build a complete airplane ready for firewall forward & painting

Features include:

  • Matco hydraulic disc toe brakes
  • Elevator with manual trim & linkage
  • Push button flap handle
  • Streamline struts
  • Seat Harnesses
  • Aluminum turtledeck
  • Fabric & fabric adhesive
  • Structural adhesive
  • Embroidered seat cushions.
  • Upgraded E Series Matco Wheels and Brakes
  • Large Elevator/Rudder Combination (Balanced)
  • Gull Style Doors/Windows
  • Slatted Wing Flaps and Ailerons (includes 13.5 gallon tanks)
  • Shock Absorber landing Gear Includes 21" Tires & Extreme Brakes (Dual Caliper)

Superstol Firewall Back Subtotal US $41,700.00

Wing Build Options

Stage 1 – Quick Build - Assemble ribs, spars and drag tubes and set to fuselage $1,500.00
Stage 2 – Includes Stage 1 and Leading edge and Slat assembly $2500.00
Stage 3 – Wings Only Ready to Cover $5440.00
Alondine Wing Ribs (corrosion inhibitor) $500.00
Powder Coat $1200.00

Firewall Forward

Cowling - Rotax 912 (Rotax 914 - $1100.00) $950.00
Motor Mount 912 (Rotax 914 Motor Mount - $900.00) $750.00
Rotax 912ULS 100HP (Engine w/Firewall Forward including Kiev #293 Prop & Exhaust) $28,085.00
Rotax 914UL 115HP (Engine w/Firewall Forward including Kiev #293 Prop & Exhaust) $40,153.00
UL 520 i.s - 200HP (Engine w/Firewall Forward including Kiev #293 Prop & Exhaust) $34,703.00
Stretch XL Model SuperStol (Must be used for heavier Engine) $2,600.00

Other Options

To view a full list of options, please download our Options List PDF

Avionics TBD  TBD
Shipment Preparation for Customer Pick Up $400.00
Crating for truck shipment $900.00
Freight Charges Please Inquire